Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Festival at Community Center, etc;

Festival at Community Center 
Last week, one of the bands my husband belong to played at the nearby city's Community Center in our prefecture. This is the season for community center to hold festivals to present how fruitful their works are♪ We could enjoy varieties of arts on that day. I wonder if there is a chance to enjoy hobbies in other countries like this. You can even find English speaking class in the center's programs. 
*From the Flower Arrangement Club*

My first Olive-backed Pipit
When we were checking the place where my husband has to play next month, I was SO Thankful for this Pipit showing up in fron of me♡♡♡

My husband I had been tackled with Capital gains tax which we had to pay for my late parents empty house sold last year. And also things related with bands my husband belong to, etc. Always feel sorry for my absence, I'm hoping to have more time from tomorrow☆☆☆   Have a wonderful week under a bit comfortable weather.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kimekomi-Doll(Ningyo) with Otafuku Face etc;

Kimekomi -Ningyou and Otafuku (お多福)
Before the previous post (Girl's Day) I've also enjoyed another doll exhibition at the department in my city on 20th last month.  Kimekomi-Dolls (Ningyo) is one of the  traditional Japanese dolls. Here is the link about its history.   Please let me post the similar doll post again (^.^)
Otafuku of Happiness

                                       * About Otafuku*
"Otafuku←picture link  "お多福" literally means “Much Good Fortune”, and a lucky symbol for long life in Japanese. Otafuku represents a lovely, always smiling Japanese woman who brings happiness.   Because of the face of its bulging cheeks when we have "Mumps", we call the illness "Otafuku-kaze" in Japanese. Kaze means "cold" :-)
And the masks also used for Kyougen stage ← link   One of the Kimekomi-dolls works from the stage art.

*Hina-doll and anther ones from Kimekomi*

Dolls from 12 zodiac signs (11 in the first picture and dog which is this years sign is in the second picture).

At the one corner of the exhibition place, a lady was working on "Kabuto 冑" link .  
I pasted the process (left side) from pc page. Oh, I felt Thankful for the long hard work.

Pink  Japanese Apricot 
Last week, I found this flower of pink Japanese Apricot blooming on the road side a bit close to my house.  This Special Flower makes us feel long awaiting spring is just around the corner♫♫♫

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker 
I just could find and post this bird once before.  I got SO excited to see this little one jumping and rotating among the branches in front of my house♡♡♡  And was happy pictures came out well considering the distance and the size of this bird.
Thank you very much for Your Sweet Visits and See You Soon; 
I got tied up helping my husband giving the fertilizer for trees in our garden and band thing etc. Hoping you all are able to feel a bit comfortable weather☆☆☆  

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Monday, February 26, 2018

"Girl's Day Festival" Exhibition '2018' etc;

*Hina-maturi 雛祭り’ Girl's day Festival Exhibition*
Dolls for 'Girl's day' is called "Hina Doll" and "maturi" means Festival.  Local (next city) Handicraft Association called 'タンポポの会 Tanpopo no kai ' held 10th of this exhibition at the next city's department store.  The amazingly huge scale of exhibited works made me think how I can arrange my post ;-)

Playing with Sea-shell 
Playing Japanese Biwa and Koto instrument;
*This year's Oriental Zodiac Sign is "DOG" *
Wishing to be a sweet old couple with my husband near future :-)

*Works of  Indigo-Dyeing*
The Exhibition was the collaboration of these two handcrafts.
I felt really "Thankful"  for my luck

*Gifted Flower Pictures* 
Lady keyboard player of the band my husband belong to gifted me these pictures a bit while ago.  Sorry that I couldn't identify two flowers in the first picture.  Flower in the second picture is Hoya carnosa.  In Japanese we call the flower, " サクラランsakuraran".  
Before and After of Blooming

*Male and Female of Two birds* 
I've already posted Male and Female of Pale Thrush before. This year, many of them came to the tree in front of my house♫♫♫   Female has the Grayish color.
Early this month, I found Female Bull-headed shrike for the first time.  Picture of Male (left) was the old one I've posted before; Sorry that the female picture has the greenish color of the back.
Thank you very much for stopping by;   I always appreciate your sweet visits;
The Exhibition was yesterday, the festival is just around the corner. I wished to post today. (It's almost 4:00 p:)  Hope you will have a happy coming new week and wish to see you soon .