Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gray Starling and Entrance of Bakery;

   These Gray Starling pictures are from my visit to our city park this late spring. 
It is almost the only place I can depend on seeing a few kind of birds. Even with my desperate efforts to have a good photographs, I cannot neither get close to them nor clear pictures of them. As you can see, there were more than several of them but they sure are wild ones and another chasing game;-)

    *This is the entrance of the very popular bakery* 
Although there aren't colorful flowers, I thought the designed planting corner is stylish. 
Might be called 'fence', I hope.

Finally, summer has come!!!  I hope this can be called a summer sky.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Madagascar periwinkle and Male Common Skimmer;

      These flowers are from my planter placed outside of the front door. 
We call this flower "日々草, nichi-nichi-sou". Literally it means "everyday plant" in Japanese. Very popular one found at the flower shop in this season. I tried the macro-shots, not satisfied much... p;)

*Found the Male Common Skimmer*
When I went out of my house, I found this dragonfly on the signboard for my teaching class placed at our fence. Looks like he was so tired and taking a break there resting. Lucky that he gave me enough time to fetch camera; I cautiously kept at a safe distance from him. I was happy I could have both pictures of female and male of this dragonfly ♫♫♫    Female version here;

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little quiz for you;

        Today, would you allow me to give you a little quiz for you;
*Can you guess what it is in the picture below?*
This is what my husband made for me without telling me what he was making. When I found him working in his tiny carpentry space in our small warehouse, he said, "just nothing".  I thought it might be a fishing gadget or something.

You might get an idea from the thing in the picture. This is a 'scratcher' for your back which we can buy at 100-yen shop.  And we call it "mago-no-te, 孫の手".  Literally, it means "grandchild's hand". I wish I had one who does that for me p;)

*Here is the answer*
I had told him the night before that I wish I had something to put under my temple when sleep. I was using the top of the 'scratcher' but it is a bit high. He had cut half of the wooden globular shaped ball and put the round one together with superglue. It worked quite fine, putting it alternately after short while. Comfortable push if you wouldn't use it too long.  Can be called a health appliance:-)  I wish all of you are having sound sleep at night ; not like me who has trouble...  

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recent cute visiters;

*Summer holiday for the school children started in Japan* 
Recently, we had cute guests who showed us their skills of Electone or electronic organ "エレクトーン 'erekuto-n' ".  First girl is one of my students who is the 4th year of the elementary school. Second girl is the daughter of my husband's ex-colleague, whom my old friend may be familiar with. Yes, she's growing up beautifully♪

           She played the music which she played at the concert and awarded.
Oh, we and my husband's band group members (my husband taped her play) were so amazed at her skill. Almost made us think she is talented for professional in the future
♬♬♬  So happy to be able to hear her play.

She showed us the music she played at the recital for children. We love to have these sweet guests :-)  Her mother is the excellent player and my husband enjoys playing saxophone with her keyboard. You'll see them in these pages.

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PS> I wonder which word you would use for this instrument 'Electone' or 'electronic organ'... 
Found the answer from Wikipedia, "Electone is the trademark used for electronic organs" of Musical Instrument Company.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sparrows and Fences with Lavender;

     *Sparrows at the tiny local park*
Normally sparrows are too alert and agile for me to take pictures. They were kindly resting on the rock just for a while for me.  These pictures were taken at the end of last month. Whum, So-so for the first photographs of them :-)
      *Fences with Lavender at the city park*
These pictures were also from late June. I thought lavenders were lovely match with fences and gazebo there.  Only if I hadn't missed taking close-up shots of the lavender (^^;)

    We are having dreary and rainy days, not having clear sky day lately.
While fiddling with old pictures, I found this clear sky picture I haven't posted from this spring which we miss so long.  Although I know hot muggy summer is waiting for us in no time, I found myself waiting for the crisp blue sky like this  

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