Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recent finding and Egret in Bush;  

*Oh, they don't get electric shock*

if we were on the ground...
I've never paid attention to the fact that birds being able to perch on electric cable until recently. My husband spotted the scene of the pictures and stopped the car remembering the silly question I asked before. When school girl, I'm not good at studying science-related subject p:)  He explained me and I checked with pc; I understand they don't have difference of voltage but not quite the feeling of reality.
Having this question seems funny for my husband (^^;)

*An Egret among the Bush*
While driving, my husband glimpsed an Egret like thing among the bush. He made a U-turn for me as there was a space to park.  So sorry that he flew away so soon. I couldn't even catch his front face. Wished to have better photos for linking to the bird's meme...     
             Something new for me to find an Egret among the bush.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Noodle for Summer;

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         This is the simple summer noodle lunch I made; 
This noodle is called "so-men, 素麺". Somen is one of the popular lunch menu especially during hot summer. We have a phrase '喉越しがいい; nodogoshi-ga-ii', which means "pass down our throat comfortably" or 'palatable' for one word. It usually served cold with a light flavored dipping sauce or tsuyu. Like Soba noodle for summer version. With lots of other topic, I missed the chance of posting this drafted one and may be a bit late for summer. As we consider autum is getting close after Obon.      
Somen and cooked chicken

Soba has longer history but Somen is also one kind of noodle date back to 11th century. It is dried like the picture above and boiled in hot water, then drained, and rinsed in cold water. I used lots of ice to chill p:)
Here are the two links about Somen:    Sōmen ; Somen Noodles
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Butterfly first kind for me;

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Female Indian Fritillary (tumaguro-hyo-mon;ツマグロヒョウモン)*
When I visited Xavier Memorial Church (former post), I spotted a beautiful yellow butterfly I've never seen. My husband seeing my pictures in the car before leaving the church (due to his handicap with his legs, he mostly waits me in the car), he also got SO amazed with my finding, what a luck♪  So sorry for many pictures of the same butterfly. I got really excited and happy to show you :-)
She was SO busy having lunch (sucking up nectar) flower to flower and didn't even mind me having been a bit close by. 

           Part of its name 'hyo-mon' means 'Leopard Spot' in Japanese. 
My first pictures of critter with flower ♡♡♡

This butterfly was enjoying lunch at the flower garden made in front of the church entrance.
I should have taken the picture of the garden to give you the better idea(^^;)  Never have I expect to have the big luck♡♡♡ 

PS> Let me add two pages I found it was a female Indian Fritillary. 
         One and the Other.  Please scroll down :-)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Summer Project;

Please let me introduce 2nd grade of the elementary school girl's work for her summer homework. I was SO amazed by my next neighbors' girl's Great Job. Sort of the promotion for the next years event of boy-scout her brother involved. She made a necklace with the shells, which has the national flags' design on them.. 
Yesterday morning she came to our house and showed me the shells; after she came back, she put the shells together into necklace. How great to know that she can tell the names of the countries from the designs. She put the names backside of the shells.

Symbol Mark of the Event

Although I've been busy even after Obon dealing with several things with my late parents' family monk etc, I seem to be posting alot...  I'll be freer soon;

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Missionary and Fence;

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We stopped by Xavier Memorial Church on our way back when we went to our capital city to visit museum.  Francis X'avier is the first Jesuit missionary and also the first missionary who brought Christianity to Japan. He came to Japan in 1549. 
Original church was built in commemoration of his 400th year of his visit in 1952. But it was burned down about 11 years ago and was rebuilt 4 years ago. 

            The theme of the new church is 'tent sanctuary','light ', and 'water'.
Fence leading to the entrance.

In front of the little hillside of the church, there is his statue and the bell.
This bell is the sister product of "bell of the holly year 2,000", sent by John Paul II; prayed for the world peace. One of the five sent to the five continents.
Seems  Francis Xavier is standing between the fence with the bell :-)

It sure was great to rediscover about the history about him and how Christianity came to Japan. I never knew he had been to several places in the world. During 16th century, he was allowed to engage missionary work by the landlord of my area.
It was fun to read that there were eye glasses among the tributes to the landlord, and said to be the first ones to Japan.

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