Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trip to Tuwano (town) area part2;

Happy Thanksgiving Day to the people in America. Hope you'll have a wonderful time with loved ones♪   "The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest"   William Blake

Post of part 1 (←link) was 4th of this month;  I was SO excited with my first SL pictures.  Hope this part 2 will give you different atmosphere :-)

                 *Taikodani-Inarijinnjya  太皷谷稲成神社 in Tuwano-Town* 
Torii (Shinto shrine archway) with the color vermilion is also the symbol of Inari-jinnjya 稲成神社.  I've posted about this special color and seal Japanese use here.

These pictures below were from the two hotels my husband's cousins and us stayed for two days.  I chose them at randomly.

This big wall decoration inside of the front door was so impressive.
Fox has been worshiped and also equaled to 'Inari' since old days.

*Sake Brewery Store we stopped by while strolling*

                                    *Sunset from the hotel room*

Even though I'd drafted this part2, I missed posting.  So sorry for belated posting and many big pictures(^^;)
I was feeling a bit below per last couple days because of the Cold Wave came suddenly.   But See You Soon♪

Have a wonderful rest of the week♡♡♡

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Another Fall Scene and Japanese Rice Cracker;

        Two places with Autumn atmosphere before winter come close;

  * '来迎寺. Raikouji-temple'  from a few days ago*  
On our way back from visiting my husband's band group member, we happened to pass by this temple. I loved seeing the long stairs at the gate leading to the inside. Fall Foliage must have been wonderful if it was a bit earlier. The last picture is from the inside towards the entrance.

* 'もち吉. Mochikichi'  Rice Cracker Store *
We bought some souvenirs at this store the other day. I loved seeing the decoration and the staff kindly allowed me to take pictures. 
These rice crackers are Japanese favorite snack which goes very well with green tea♪
Ones with sea weed is really delicious

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Thank you SO much for your kind visits. And to my friends in America, I DO hope you'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with loved ones;

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Early Thanksgiving Day Greeting and my Mother's Name;

Today, I realized a little connection of my late mother's name and Thanksgiving Day for the first time. And brought back memories with her again :-)

When I first learned about this Harvest Festival, I remember thinking about the importance of having gratitude towards God. 
In Japan, coming Monday is Labor Thanksgiving Day which is the modern name for an ancient cereals (rice, barley/wheat,  etc) known as Niiname-sai (新嘗祭).
Traditionally, it celebrated the year's hard work; during the Niiname-sai ceremony, the Emperor would dedicate the year's harvest to kami (God in the religion of Shinto), and taste the rice for the first time.  My late mother's name is "嘗代・Namiyo". As you might notice, the same kanji-character is used. Named after this festival by my grandparents.  This is the link page about this.

This finding was kind of fascinated me, because it seemed as if I found a connection with friends in western culture.  I know it is a little early and don't have much idea how you celebrate family gathering. But especially to my Friends in America;  
  Hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family next Thur.

(No post about this topic next week. Thank you SO much for reading and wishing you a wonderful weekend and preparation for your holiday season goes smoothly.)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Starlings and Plants;

Hader of this post;

*Many Starlings on the Electric wire*
At the end of September, I went out of my house hearing the chirping of birds.  I was SO surprised spotting these Starlings on the electric wire in front of my house. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy day and my pictures with many of them didn't came out well enough to post.  Just only this day but how lucky I was♡♡♡ 

The other day when we were driving back from my aunt's house, this huge Angel's Trumpet flowers jumped into my eyes. Luckily there was a space I could ask my husband to stop our car. The biggest one I've seen :-)
These pictures below was 'again' ←link the gifts from my husband's lady keyboard player who loves growing plants in her house. 
Money Tree with buds;

Happy to have these two colors of Camellia japonica;

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Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts for the previous post. 
I have many more things to deal with but I'll try my best with my husband's help:-)  
Have a wonderful coming weekend friends, See You Soon♪

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Foliage this year;

     Hello Dear Friends; Do Hope you haven't forgot me...  
And I wish to allow me to post "Fall Foliage,  紅葉・コウヨウ"  this year again.  
On our way back from my cousin's 'orange orchard' last week 'picking up 15 boxes this year', we stopped by my husband's brother to share a box for his family.  
His house is close to "錦帯橋, Kintaikyo"  and "紅葉谷公園, Maple Leaf park";   As it was cloudy day, pictures from link pages above from former years might be clear ones to give you better views :-) 

Enjoyed the stroll at both places, even though just a short while;

I would like to apologize sincerely that I couldn't reply to your thoughtful comments.
I wish to inform you that my parents' family Buddhist visited my parents and brother's altar and grave yard, recited Buddhist sutra. Their ashes relocated shared grave of the temple and the Buddhist mortuary tablet was received by the temple safe and sound as my brother wished before he passed away. (no male descendant)
Besides the busy schedule, one of my big responsibility has been finally handled.  Houses and grave yards without people taking care of is the problem in Japan. 
  Night Night from Japan and See You Soon, Dear friends; 

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