Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(P.S.) Why Calligraphy at the Dentist;

I think many of you who kindly read my previous post might have doubt why the Calligraphy at the Dentist.  Silly of me not to have made it clear!   
          "Here is the two reasons for the event"
"First Calligraphy of the Year " 書き初め. kakizome ←link to the picture page 
is the big New Year's event in Japan ; especially schools and the communities. 

They (the Dentist) hoped that seeing the works on the ceiling help ease the stress of a bit painful treatment for the patients. 

Have a wonderful week and hoping to be more faithful to you all this year ♡♡♡

Monday, January 16, 2017

Two New Year things (Birds and Calligraphy at the Dentist) ;

*Birds at Natural Park part 1 *
On 6th, my husband suggested me to visit Kirara Natural Park.  Happily, we could find this gorgeous Osprey from observation center. He was looking for fish on the wooden perch.  Let me make this post part 1 from this place :-)  
This picture of flying Osprey taken by my husband (^_^)
Saunders's gull with crab;  So happy to be able to catch the moment♪

Great Egret  with long face and beak:-)  at the edge of the park's tideland.
And these birds shots are for  "Fridays Hunt", (my Week's Favorite)

*My next neighbor's kids made Wooden Bird at the park*
The day before we went to the park, from my next neighbor I happened to know that Wooden Bird (bird is this year's zodiac sign) making event were going on there. Their kids made these works.  The clock behind them were an ornament I borrowed p:-)  

* "First Calligraphy of the Year "  at the Dentist  *
Since at the end of the last year, I started to go to the dentist. I was surprised that they posted the works written by the patients and others on the ceiling of the treatment room.  And the local Cable TV covered about it on 13th

The patients can see the works while the treatment as the works are on the ceiling. I thought it a "nice idea".  The lovely young lady from the cable TV with the character.
She also was asked to write;

*Signboard at the Dentist*
The red part of the long one on the left shows the name of the dentist.  In Japanese, we call dentist "歯科・ Shika" and deer is also called "鹿・ shika".  We don't see deers around the area so the sign is just "play on words" with homophenes p:-)
ps; I wrote about the reason why the Calligraphy in the dentist in my next post;

Although I posted mine, I haven't been able to visit you all.  We still have a couple of inquiries for my late late parents house, not finalized, etc (^^;)   Hope your new week will be a wonderful one ♪    I'll start Visiting You Soon ☆☆☆

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Seven Herbs Rice Porridge(Nanakusa-Gayu) and birds etc;

*Seven Herbs Rice Porridge (Nanakusa-gayu.七草粥) *

Nanakusa-Gayu with side dishes (Spring Roll)

Jan.7th, is the Seven Herbs Rice Porridge eating Day. This is a New Year's Tradition of eating a rice porridge with seven-medicinal herbs to pray for good health and longevity.  After enjoying New Year food (osechi), this simple vegetarian rice porridge Okayu (お粥) is very refreshing and help digestive system that is stuffed and exhausted.   It is the traditional meal to eat when you’re sick;  Can be the Japanese equivalent of chicken soup for eastern people:-)

*Seven Herbs*
My husband's acquaintance who works at the agricultural high school kindly gave us 
this package of seven herbs which were grown by the students of the school.
Please enlarge the graph below to know what herbs are used :-)
I remember my late mother memorized the names and saying them like a song.
We can buy the seven traditional greens conveniently packaged together at supermarket.
I found the one we are given sold at the store we regularly use like last year. (left side)

*Dusky thrush and Pale thrush *
I was happy that some kinds of birds came to the tree in front of my ouse.  I took pictures of them last year while there were tree nuts for them to have.  Both birdies and nuts are all gone now :-)   I LOVE these Creatures (for  Friday’s Hunt)
*White Camellia Sasanqua
Taken last year from the road side. Wished to see them more as I haven't 
seen them as many as the most year.

Thank you SO much for your kind visits, 
Start Visiting you from tomorrow ♡♡♡  
Wishing you all had a wonderful start of New Year.

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