Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of Mother's Memory;

(posted; Japanese culture page)  *Japanese Tuitate ”衝立, partition” used to be at my late parent's house*                               Link page of my former post and picture page 

This partition decorated inside of the front door of my late parents' empty house 
finally found new place to go this spring.   
I remember my mother was so excited and looked happy finding this tuitate and decorating inside of the front door more than 40 years ago when they bought the house and moved from tiny company housing.  I myself was not so fond of this one when she chose as I thought the shape was not so lovely and a little big :-)  
My husband had heard that his acquaintance who is the owner of the Japanese style pub was planning to remodel his pub. And I felt SO happy this partition which my parents really loved when having their (our) new house finally found the new place.  

*Reused as an ornament of the front door of "Japanese style pub"* 

 And below is from the picture page;
   Left one has Japanese atmosphere and Right one has stained glass♪

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Modern Glass Exhibition;

This Glass Work Exhibition takes place every 3 year at next city since 2001.  The city my husband has grown up developed highly depending on pottery like I posted herePicture taking were not allowed for almost all the works.   I went there early last month.

Above; work awarded grand prize "溜まる場所,   place to accumulate 保木誌衣吏"
Below; work allowed to take direct picture "It’s not easy to be tough 言上真舟"
And this work made me think about "Cinderella"♡♡♡
These other works were taken from one place allowed to stand for taking pictures.

*Beautiful Works we could buy at the entrance* 

*A few Children's works* 
They are from the project for the purpose of letting kids experience of technique. About ten of them were exhibited.
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By cell phone
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Short Trip to Kansai-area (part3);

           On second day of our trip, we visited three places in Kyoto and Osaka;
*Heianjingu 平安神宮*
Heian Shrine (平安神宮, Heian Jingū) was built in 1895, on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the capital's foundation in Kyoto. Heian is the former name of Kyoto.
             This home page has beautiful header picture (slideshow);
               This is the English page which you can read its history;

*Entrance and From Inside*

      *Nijo Castle (Nijyo-jo)*

This castle was raised by Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1603.  (there are some other castle with the same name built by other feudal lords.    This is the homepage in English by 'The World Heritage site';

*Inside of the castle*
many foreigners in Kyoto

*Into the garden*

I found this blue heron standing (resting) on the stone far in the garden :-)

         *あべのハルカス;  Abeno Harukasu  *

This new highest (60-story. 300m-high) skyscraper of Japan had its grand opening in Abeno-ward in Osaka City on March 7th last year.  The name Harukasu is an ancient word used in the Heian period (794-1185) meaning 'to make (people's heart) cheerful'
         You can read about this building here .
Picture on the right is from Japanese homepage.
Lunge and the view from the observatory;

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

At nearby Pond;

Last week, my dragonfly lover-husband whimsically went to check nearby little irrigation reservoir (pond) if he can find any;  Yey, he came back saying that he found some and took me there. 

       *Golden Flangetail*  ’ウチワヤンマ; means 'Fan Lamenting' in Japanese :-)
                              *Common Skimmer*
And 'Pseudothemis Zonata' joined:
I was sad I missed taking zoomed picture of  'Pseudothemis Zonata' 

      Common slider (赤耳ガメ, red-ear turtle) with Golden Flangetail
This so-called 'green turtle' when young, propagated in Japan once kept as pets.
My husband proudly (p:) told me that he has a bit better knowledge how they move (territory thing and id. etc).  Amazing (he doesn't have so much of good eyes) he could point out where it perched in a far distance.
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My busy Obon days (Soba making as well, p:-) finally over♪
Normally, our summer heatwave settle down after Obon; I hope so!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

About Obon from my old post and busy days;

    In Japan, we are having family gathering, Obon-Season♪
Quick post wishing to introduce about Obon and how we spend these days 'from 13th to 15th', when our ancestor's soul come back to see us.  Here is  "the links" about Obon from my old posts. I've decorated family alter and will visit grave yard both my husband and my side tomorrow.   One of the most important days for Japanese.   
My husband's brother (who is also in this obon post) called us today and visiting us. Their two daughters are already married and have children. Considering they'll be busy with them, we appreciate their thoughts and visiting grave. My husband looked happy he can serve his Soba for them after a long interval.  I'm having busy days helping my husband his concert appearance with his band group etc. I'll try hard to visit you friends ♡♡♡
picture is from this page, we decorate fruits as well.

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