Sunday, November 19, 2017

Live Show and Autumn Atmosphere etc;

  Performed at the Live House
On 3rd, the band group my husband is a member performed at the Live-House, called "wakayama".  They played about one hour and half minutes except the dinner time for the audience before the show.  

Last part of  'La Macarena'  (less than 1 min.) 

Lady keyboard player of the band bought a new Electone and played Solo♪

Autumn  Plants and Bird
Before the live show, my husband and I went to see her New Music-Instrument. I had marvelous experience singing "Top of the World" with her Live Music Performance  The garden of her house has beautiful Japanese style with varieties of plants.

 Bramblings were enjoying Acorn  when stopped by the park  half an hour drive from our house.

This one noticed me and turned its back :-)

I am SO sorry that I haven't been able to visit you.  Have had really busy  days for orange this year (picking up and delivery) again and several other personal thing etc.  
I have no excuse for my absence to you. Getting colder day by day,  Please take care of yourselves. Wishing to see you soon.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Nori (Seaweed) Store etc;

Nori Store where we always buy* 
This store is the client company of the bank where my husband worked until he retired. We call Nori "gohanno otomo" which means Good Companion with Rice.  
Besides having with plain rice adding soy sourse, used to make Onigiri and Makizushi. (←link-page will give you the idea what they look like).  Very sweet memory waiting and helping when my mother made for us when young.   Nori also can be good item for Summer and Year-end Gifts for Japanese.  
*Entrance and Inside of the store*

Birds I found recently
The male Japanese Pheasant was walking under the tree in front of my house♪ Other Birds I found on the same day, during our detour way back home. Wished the flying away doves picture taken much better p-;)

Gifted  pictures of Arranged Flower
My husband lady keyboard player friend took these pictures at the Tea Ceremony she attended. I really am grateful for her thoughts♡♡♡

I really appreciate your sweet comments ♫♫♫   I'm thinking to take off posting for a short while (a couple of week or so).  Wish to start visiting you from tomorrow☆☆☆
Have a Beautiful Autumn or Spring  Days.   
And Wishing you a Wonderful coming Halloween ♧♧♧  

Halloween decoration from my favorite cake shop;

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Gold-Leaf Folding Screen

Gold-leaf folding screen
Calligraphy group "Genyu 玄遊" had a party celebrating the publication of 500th monthly magazine. Gold-Leaf Folding Screen is usually decorated at the formal ceremonial occasions.
My husband band was invited to perform some music for the occasion at the hotel.  (picture page)

Left; Screen is folded                                           Right; Screen is opened

Lady members of the Calligraphy group danced with the popular music called Koi-Dance

which is the theme song of the drama "Running away is a shame, but useful".

(music by my husband's band group)
before party opened while rehearsing

*Chestnut Tiger Butterfly;  "asagimadara,アサギマダラ*
It's time we can see Chestnut Tiger Butterfly at the hillside of the Ryuou-mout. 
This particular butterfly come to Japan around May and travels Japanese archipelago to live the temperature about 23.  The flower they love "Boneset; hiyodoribana,ヒヨドリバナ "  is cultivated and blooming now.  Unfortunately, unlike last year I could see only few of them.

*Cyrestis thyodamas and Fritillary*

*These birds were from early this year which I haven't posted*

Pigeon and Dusky Thrush.  Picture is not well-taken, but I was happy to find Japanese Green Woodpecker at that time♪

I DO hope you all are enjoying comfortable season.  
Autumn Rain is falling;  After taking a bit rest, I WILL start visiting you☆☆☆

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