Sunday, August 13, 2017

Exhibition of Embroidery on silk-screen printing etc;

Hiroko Tuchiya’s Embroidery Exhibition 
Embroidery Exhibition at the department in my city. First time for me to see the works which have done both printing and embroidery. Happy to be able to enjoy Very Unique and Charming works. 
                      New style of  art for me
*Things that reflect  映し出すもの* 
*Brighten with Flower  華やぐ*

*Looking Back かえりみる*

Agapanthus from our back yard
   These Agapanthus were blooming late June♪ 
Happy that finally found matching place to post this flower.

Oriental  Green Finch and workers
On 2nd. this month, under hot weather, I found many finches flying 
back and forth around the fences, electric wires and into the rice paddy.
Seeing me approaching them from even a bit far, they flew away...

Obon (お盆) season is coming in Japan;
Obon  (actual date is from 13th to 15th) is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating 
our ancestors, as their spirits believed to return this world. 
                  Today we will visit our family graves.  (My old page about obon)
                                 Have a wonderful coming new week.  See You Soon♪

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lotus Flower" at Genkyuji- Temple (源久寺) etc;

Ooga-Hasu"  from in the middle of last month
Lotus Flower;  said to bloom in the land of  perfect bliss;
Lotus flower is believed to be the symbol of purity and also said to bloom in the lad of perfect bliss. This Ooga-hasu in the Genkyuji-Temple,  Dr. Ooga Iichiro of the botanist succeeded to bloom the seed which was found in the strata of 2300 years ago.  
Picture in the middle;   After all the flowers fallen off :-)
Buddha Sitting on Lotus
The lotus has been a symbol of purity since before the time of the Buddha, and it blooms profusely in Buddhist art and literature. Its roots are in muddy water, but the lotus flower rises above the mud to bloom, clean and fragrant.  
In Buddhist art, it is believed a fully blooming lotus flower signifies enlightenment, while a closed bud represents a time before enlightenment.
Excerpt from this page. 

Sandpiper and Redstart from early spring
I love these little sweet birdies I can find during cool season in and along the river♪
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Firework Festival (花火大会) in my City etc;

*Went to see Fireworks*
On 22ed. (some days later of Marine Day),  we enjoyed beautiful fireworks held in my city, which is almost an annual event for both of us to go p;-)    Although I know the pictures won't express the dynamics of the event, hope you can enjoy the atmosphere. 

*Amaryllis from inside of neighbor's fence*
This amaryllis was blooming at my next neighbor's yard in the middle of this June.
I thought the color will matches the fireworks topic♪

*Ducks from last December*
I cannot find birdies recently with this scorching hotness. These ducks were enjoying their relaxing time in the nearby river last Dec. ♫♫♫

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