Monday, January 22, 2018

New Year Calligraphy Performed at City Airport;

One Event Celebrating Meiji-Restoration 150 years
This year (2018) marks the 150 years after the Meiji-Restoration (Link Page) or Meiji-Ishin; which was an event that restored practical imperial rule to Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji The Edo Shogunate (The year of 武士(bushi)or Samurai) was over in Japan. My Pref. (Yamaguchi) played a significant role for the Restoration and many evens are going to be held this year.  My husband's ex-lady colleagues performed big sized Calligraphy.  There were speeches by the Governor etc
  From left; "おもしろきことも なき世を おもしろく・輝く瞬間・ 未来維新” I'll skip the translation ;-)

Orchid's from the botanical garden of my city parkWhen I visited the city park (my previous post) I also stopped by the botanical garden there. I enjoyed seeing varieties of them.

Two Stories about birds happened lately 
When I found Herons at the bank of the river, I must have scared them.  They all (ones close by together) flew away on to the roof of the big traditional Japanese type of the house.  The scene really made me smile thinking the contrast of the herons and the fancy house☆☆☆ 

Black-faced Bunting and  Yellow Bunting 
I've already taken and posted the picture of the Black-faced Bunting (first pic). The other day, I happened to find the similar bird Yellow Bunting.  Wow, these two really looked alike.  (Color looked different because of the light :-)

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter-Flowering Peony and 2 kinds of Birds;

Winter-Flowering Peony at City Park* 
My friend and I went to see the peony which blooms during the cold season.  It was first for me to see the Winter-Flowering Peony.  Even though I had the knowledge about it, it sure was a fresh surprise to see spring flower (deep in mind) blooming during the cold season.

             You can see the shelter from the snow for flowers. We call it " yuki-gakoi:"  

Pelicans in the lake of the Park
A new baby was born there,  and I could see a bit older one as well.  They all looked a little cold and couldn't see one swimming in the lake.  Not like in my old post (← link page), which I explained about Catta-kun.

White -Eye on a snowy day
One of my cousin has an orange orchard (← link page). Like I DO every year, I stuck some oranges to the branches of the tree for birds in our small garden. I haven't had much hope as it hadn't worked yet. But checking through the window several times a day p:-)  After breakfast on 12th (cold snowy day), my husband found a little one enjoying orange♪  I always LOVE to see birds having meal with their sweet beaks.  SO happy for my first LUCK(*^.^*)

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Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year's Visit to a Shrine and New Bird;

*New Year’s Visit to a Shrine (hatumoude)*
Visiting shrine to wish for the peaceful and healthy year is another very important first of the year event. New omamori (charms or amulets) are bought,  and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. I bought some for Shinto Shrine (which my late father made for me when I married) placed in the kitchen. Long queue to the Main Shrine.
According to the Chinese Zodiac sign, this year is the year of Dog. I was born in the sheep year. If you are interested in what year you were born, you can check yours and your character from this page.
Our family Shinto Shrine decorated for the New Year with charm amulet for the year.
This is the gorgeous New Year arrangement arranged by the mother of my husband's friend (pic sent through sns).

*New Bird I found on our way back from  visiting shrine*
Common Kestrel ;      My husband found perching on the wire very far place while he kindly making detour.  So excited for my first bird♪

Wishing you started wonderful new year♪
So sorry that I haven't commented any of my friends year end and new year.
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