Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chrismas Illuminations from my City in 2014 ;

(Header is made from my picture of the Santa in front of ANA hotel in my city)

Today's post is with lots of pictures and for many links p:-)
       Please just have fun with the pictures♪

*Decorations from our city park*

*From City mall and College*
My husband who love fishing liked this one.

*From City Airport*

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

White Eye on Persimmon tree;

* Japanese White eyes 'Mejiro' eating persimmon 'kaki' *
Luckily, I spotted Japanese White Eyes enjoying lunch on my neighbor's persimmon tree early this month. Oh, I was so fascinated to see how vigorously and acrobatically eat their food for the first time :-) 

This is my previous post about Mejiro this Feb. with an idiom we have from the habit they have.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Display and History in Japan;

 (posted; Japanese culture page)

*My favorite cake shop's Christmas Display*
Haha, kind of became popular in my blog. Please just enjoy the pictures;

*This Santa is my Dear Friend's one of the embroidery works*
I posted one of her works here and will show you other ones in near future.

This is from my post in 2011, the year when I stated writing blog. Wished to introduce this history again :-)

First Christmas in Japan
For Japanese people, one of the top historically famous foreign person is Francisco de Xavier(1506-1552). He was the first missionary of Christianity to Japan performed missionary work in Yamaguchi-pref. in 1551.   Yey the prefecture I live!
And Japan's first Christmas Mass was held in Yamaguchi in 1552.  
I found two pages which gives me the ideas about how our Christmas started and what kind of man Francisco de Xavier was. I wouldn't have checked about these unless I tried to post about them. I found these pages really enlightening to me!
     The Christmas Archives     Francisco Xavier       ←links

<I'll quote some parts from Archives>
"Old Japanese Christmas and Samurai Santa"
Xavier taught Japanese Christianity about 400 years ago. The first recorded Christmas Mass was celebrated at Yamaguchi Church in 1552. In 1639 National Isolation was imposed upon Japan, and most Christians changed their religion at that time, but some, especially the KAKURE, kept Christmas in secret all through the persecution.

In 1854, American navy Commodore Perry (he is really popular in japan, too) opened National Isolation and Japan began to take to Western culture like a dry sponge to water.

But Christmas was not well known at that time. In 1875 in Harajo School in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Christmas was celebrated. It was strange and amusing because Santa Claus appeared dressed like a Samurai.

In Taisho period (1912-1926) a lot of Western countries began ordering Christmas decorations and toys from Japan in stead of from Germany. Japanese manufacturers made Christmas lights for the tree, and dolls of Santa Claus for ornamentation, some were made of celluloid. And Aluminium artificial Christmas Trees came from Japan also. These Christmas things were getting pretty common and easy to find in Western department stores and toy shops after WWII

I couldn't find the drawing or the picture of the first Santa.   However, I found this sketch and he sure looked different.  I am so sorry that there wasn't any mentioning of when or who drew this. 

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We are having colder Dec. in Japan. I hope you (will) have a wonderful Sunday♪ House of Representatives election is held today, hope the low turn up rate of young people will go up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fence and Frog with Blue-Color;

Today, I will feature color blue  for three memes;

*Fence with Blue Tile*
I found this fence early this Oct. when I visit our prefectural capital. I am happy these pictures could see the light (had chance for me to use).  

*Blue LED Frog*     
This frog is (was?) only 1.5cm and maybe from the result of mixing called hybrid variation.

card in front of the aquarium and the article of the paper
In my Pref. there is an Island called Tuno-shima, where there is a long bridge 角島大橋 (Tuno-shima Bridge). I posted about it here this spring. My husband went the island with his friends again this Oct. and he took the picture of it for me in the museum there.
This blue frog was found by the curator in the rice paddy and was named 'Blue LED Frog' in honor of the Nobel Prize Japanese Physicians had for discovering light emitting diodeMy husband said it was hard for him to focus this little frog with the cellar phone. So sorry for the blurry picture.

As a Japanese I'm happy for their accomplishment;

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Future Newly Weds at my house;

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*Surprise Surprise*

         The young lady is my retired husband's ex-coworker
The small middle aged man and the woman decorated on the cake are the unofficial mascots of two cites in Hyogo-pref. Her favorite characters. We have many local mascots like these in Japan now.

The couple is going to marry next year and her friends in the picture are not planed to attend the ceremony as she'll going to move a bit far place. So her friends prepared to set "surprise cake cut" for them at our house. They brought some things like the Santa costume my husband was wearing and 'the bow tie, hair bow' etc. We were so happy that the couple looked impressed by the thoughts from her friends♡♡♡  Lovely time with Soba lunch and cake :-)  They approved to post this lovely little event♪

He played this song called 'いい日旅立ち iihi-tabidachi'  link for the lyric  This is the popular song used to be sung at the wedding ceremony often; it is an old song almost 40 years ago. I remember hearing repeatedly when mine was getting close:-)

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