Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Plants with funny Japanese names;

*Two kinds of Cotton Rosemallow; 芙蓉, fuyo*
My friend has this two types of Hibiscus mutabilis (Cotton Rosemallow)  and taught me about the interesting differences. 

       We call this pink one "芙蓉, fuyo"
      We call this type "酔芙蓉, sui-fuyo" 
              The Chinese character 酔 means "get drunk" 
              It is like this type changes its color more pinkish as the day grows.
I found this color change sheet in this Japanese Wikipedia page.

*Pampas Grass, パンパスグラス* (I'll post this part to Etymology page)
I knew we have this big plant close to my house.  The other day TV happened to explain that it is commonly called "お化けススキ,obake-susuki" in Japanese.  Literally, it means 'ghost (giant) silver grass' in English. I thought it funny by the way we use the word "お化け, obake".  This can be used for the things size and the effect got increased besides real ghost.  We call big Halloween pumpkin 'obake-kabocha, ghost(giant) pumpkin'.

Sure is huge sized silver grass, p:)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Night Show at the Temple of our prefecture;

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*Event called  "山口ゆらめき回廊 , Stroll Path with swaying light in Yamaguchi"*
Yesterday night, we went to Rurikoji-Temple (瑠璃光寺)with my friend to see the lighting-up of five-story pagodas and the candlelight along the stroll path.  

Hope you can see the candlelight and the reflection on the pond.

Concert in front of the pagodas;  ocarina and quena

*Let me use some part from my post of Sep. of 2012 to explain about this temple*
This temple is designated as a national treasurebuilt around 14th century (Muromachi-era in Japan) by Ouchi-family. It is located in Yamaguchi-city where sometime referred as western Kyoto in Japan. I think it amazing no nail is used to this wooden temple; 
Here is the link you can see more detail and lots of beautiful pictures of this temple.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Critters;

*Pantala flavescens (Globe Skimmer)ウスバキトンボ*
This is second time of this kind of dragonfly appears in my blog:-)  It is only this year I started to pay attention to critters,  I was surprised to realize that we can see them a lot around my area. While waiting for my shopping, my husband kindly caught him for me. Amazingly he was clinging to the window with his thin legs.
I wondered the white part  on the wings (just stain?).
I appreciated his short visit, he flew away happily from the window.

*Borzoi, ボルゾイ*
My first encounter with Borzoi ♡♡♡  She was taking a walk with her master when we were downtown the other day. Her master kindly accepted my request of taking her pictures. I learned from pc that 'Borzoi' means 'agile' in Russian and aristocrat of Russian Empire used to have them for wolf hunting. 
          She doesn't seem to be the young one but I wished to see her run p:)
Thank you SO much for showing up for me:-)
I had Shetland sheepdog before I was 30 years old. 
After he died, my husband doesn't want me to have another dog. 
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fences from two places;

*Farmer's house, front and back*
Rather new gorgeous house with warehouse in the back.

* In front of our city office*
I took these pictures when we went to hear the Jazz Concert the other day.  The concert hall happened to be right in front of our old city office building. Well, it is not so special, common city scene before dusk.   Sorry, no pictures at the concert.

               I hope that the contrast of the two places might be interesting. 
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers and Critters from City Park ;

Today I'll just post some flowers from city park and link this post to some memes.
*Salvia*   Official city flower of my city, chosen publicly

*Some flowers from Tropical Botanical Garden in the city park*
        Trichopsis Hort (桃唇竜)        Ixora Chinensis Lam (サンタンカ)

  Left: Melocactus(メロカクタス) finished balls have hat like flower seat. (not sure the words)
  Right: Mammillaria bicolor (白神丸)

*Some critters*

I took these pictures when I visit there looking for the White Egret Flower.

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