Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Woodworking Shop and a Critter;

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There was an exhibition and sale last year at a woodworking shop. I missed posting this event last year. Please just have fun with woodworks and other Japanese art works.
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The store's name is 'komoregi, 木洩木'
Entrance after going up the stone fence.  There were special outside stores then.

*Art works inside of the store*
For children. Loved the little kitchen♪
Sheep which is this year's zodiac sign (mine as well)
My friends might remember the one I bought -:)
Lots of works with Japanese atmosphere.
And for the last Luck Bringing Owl  'fukuro・フクロー'
I wrote about why owls are lucky animal here with sweet video.

*Neighbor's dog was walking*
She (maybe from the wear) was walking the other day when I was out beside my house's fence. Very lovely but wished go home not letting me touch her p:-)
Mom go home, I'm getting hungry...

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Red-Bean Soup and "夫婦善哉, meoto-zenzai';

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Zenzai, 善哉;
Sweet Red-Bean 'azuki 小豆' Soup, which we call ‘zenzai,善哉’ is one of my favorite winter sweets.   I made the one in the first picture a couple days ago; and the one in the second was the lunch post from 2,012 here.

"夫婦善哉, meoto-zenzai'    (meoto means married couple)
          This Japanese phrase came to describe "happy married couple".
The old Zenzai restaurant (opened 1,883) in Osaka serves two bowls of them for one person. This menu became SO popular and because of the menu is called 'meoto-zenzai', this phrase started to express the couple who are cooperating their marriage life each other through ups and downs. 
picture from restaurant's home page

Noble and movie were made with this menu title. And even the Enka song whose lyric I love was sung by one of the singer. It was released in 1,987; I was married 1,977 :-)  At that time I was helped by my husband's mental support after the infertility treatment for me didn't work.   Let me paste the video from You-tube introducing both the place and the song from last year.  Haha, I was happy to find this one.
(Sorry it's in Japanese and bit long, I'm happy if you could feel what Japanese Enka sounds like.  But this video is kind of for myself.  She is the original singer of this song.)

I couldn't find the lyrics in English, my poor translation only for the first passage;
          living like duckweeds,  you laugh  
          around our shoulders, alley autumn shower dancing
          even if we have nothing, my heart can be called a brocade
          I'll follow your foot steps, meoto-zennzai
          your back is my guidepost

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Japanese White Eye again ♪

These white eyes were flying around the trees close to my house for food at the same time with Dusky Thrush I posted here.  Familiar Bird again :-)  

We have a phrase 'おしどり夫婦. oshidori-fuufu',  in English these words literally means "Mandarin duck-couple" and equivalent word can be "lovebird".  I know what bird the word means in English. I was reminded that in both cultures birds represent the happy relationship of the (married) couple♡♡♡

And they were busy having the fruits of  Pyracantha Firethorn.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fence and Field Mustard;

Today, I'm linking this post of two kinds of fences from two different places to Tex's "Good Fences"

*Kindergarten from our neighborhood on Sunday (pictures from outside)*
This doors of a gate (sliding type) or for the parking lots are very popular one in Japan.  There is a little outside bathroom (maybe) with red window frame. 

*Field Mustard with fence in the back*
This early blooming field mustard caught my eyes this 17th.  I wish you to feel a bit spring atmosphere♪  Thanks to my recent habit of always taking camera with me in husband's car :-)
Wished to take a better picture p:-) 

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Calligraphy of the Year "kakizome, 書き初め"

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My husband's ex-lady-collage is a member of the "genyuukai" calligraphy school;
She kindly informed us about the "kakizome, 書き初め" by the school held at our city airport. Three calligraphers (including the president) showed us working on the big paper. Using their whole body, DYNAMIC works were done♪

They were having interview from the radio program.
I put the performers with the right order with their works in the picture above.

          They worked with the background music;

*First Performer (my husband's ex-lady colleague)*
She is wearing the kind of 'kimono type' clothes her mother sewed for her.
"Beat out one of your heartbeat to everyone's heart"
Her work is from the lyric of the song called "AH Yeah" sung by the Japanese singers called "スキマスイッチ. sukimasuicchi".

*Second Performer*
"ありのままで"   "Let it go"

*Third Performer  (president of the school)
"風に舞"  "Dancing in the wind"

Let me show you the glass seal they're using for their works, which their calligrapher names on them, specially made by the local glass atelier.

Extra;  For the last, inside of her haori-coat she was wearing a T-shirt her master's calligraphy was printed.

         '夢・ yume,  Dream' and  her calligrapher name '結花. yuuka'

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