Friday, May 6, 2016

Young Calligraphers' Exhibition;

  蒼墨書展   souboku-shoten”  
          * Entrance of the exhibition room *  

He is the young calligrapher in 'Genyu School' who wrote the sign in English.
"Genyu immature party's calligraphy Exhibition"

In the small picture, young calligraphers surrounding the master.
The two Kanji in the Header is from the Works of the lady colleague of my husband.
Her works in the two pictures below.

*Three ladies prepared these arrangements with pictures at my house*
You can see them in my former blog here.

Their works at the Exhibition;
I enlarged the part to show you the beautiful cursive writing of hers.

*Works I thought the contrast with Japanese and English artistic*

Seals for the works were also exhibited

 *Writing the Impression after enjoyed the works*

* Preparing Work at my house*

I've had busy Golden Week; having a couple of different guests, visiting this exhibition. I need to post soon as the some calligraphers may expecting to read this post.  I hope they will like my arrangiment of their works :-)
I wish you all will have A Happy coming Mother's Day; either with or not. 
For me, great opportunity to think back sweet memories with her.  

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Wish to visit you soon and so sorry for the long post again;

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cormorant, Roadside tree and Sweets;

*Cormorant etc. from local river*
In the middle of last month, in the usual local river, I've found two types of cormorant. One has bigger size and white line from head through neck. The other is rather small compared to the one with white head line.
They all seemed to be having quite relaxing time together♪
Although the pictures are blurry, I wished to add the flying Egret (^^;)

*Roadside tree and Dandelion*
They are the cherry-trees without blossoms from early this month.  Alongside the same river I found birds in the pictures above.  After the blossom, we can enjoy beautiful spring green leaves, they all have fallen off now.  I hope they can be considered 'Fence' with green color. 

*Our favorite way of eating Strawberry*
My husband likes to eat them with on top of the Yogurt. My favorite way is putting them on  pudding.  Pour some amount of condensed milk makes them tastier.
I wished to post this topic before season is over :-)

I wish you'll have or having a wonderful new week♪
My next post will be a week later.
Having a bit busy golden week, but See You Soon;

ps; Sorry for the some links,  my main header has changed for the next post;

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Azalea under the rain and Egret with reflection;

*Azalea as the road side tree*
This is the scene in front of the book store when I went there to buy the books for my students a few days ago.  Although it was raining, I rushed out of the car to take pictures with umbrella :-)
Some people looked at me curiously seeing tiny senior lady taking pictures under the rainy weather.  I thought Azalea flowers are fencing as the road side tree.

*Egret with reflection*
This Egret was fairly close to me in the river from where I was on the different day.
Surprised how skinny the egret in the right picture looked.
Believe me, haven't done anything to make it thinner 
for the picture :-)

In Japan, we are having so-called "Golden Week" link, which is the longest holiday season in the year.  Really long consecutive off days.  It's also the family gathering opportunities♪ Wish my immediate family (parents  bro) were alive with me :-)
Hope you all will have a wonderful coming weekend☆☆☆  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Boy's Day Celebration, 2016 etc;

(posted; Japanese culture page)
*Coming May 5th is Children's Day "子供の日"or Boy's Day celebration *
Boy's Day Festival exhibition held by local Handicraft Association

I've explained about this day here;  On this day, we celebrate Tango no Sekku (端午の節句) and wish that our sons will grow up healthy and strong.    'タンポポの会 tampopo no kai' which is the same association held Girl's day exhibition (I posted here) had Children’s Day exhibition in collaboration with the Ceramics Federation.

Happy to see dolls for this day made of "Cocoon Filament" like the girl's day ♪

 The bottles (earthen ware) below used as vases are sulfuric acid bottle container.  Next city where is my husband's birth city used to have thriving ceramic engineering  (pottery industry).  "sulfuric acid, is for refining gold and silver" for coins. 
Here is my post about it.

*Works by Indigo Dying*

I'm surprised that the Matsutake-mushrooms look so real and even they put fragrance on the Hard Tip of them (hope the right word).  We call the part 'ishizuki  石づき'

I really LOVED this work which expresses the old scenery with the lovely old couple.
I really felt heartwarming to see this sweet old couple; we'll be soon p:-)

*The Ceramics Federation side*

I've visited the exhibition yesterday, wished to post early for the association.  
Have a great new week; See You Soon, friends♪
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