Sunday, April 23, 2017

さをりおり "SAORI-ori(weaving)" etc;

*First Time to see hand-weaving and a loom *
Saori-ori is a free style of hand-weaving which was founded in 1968 by "Jo Misao".
One of my city's department store is holding (until 25th) an exhibition and sale of "SAORI-ori". The "SA" of SAORI is the first syllable of the word of "sai・差異" and the "ori" means weaving.  The two Chinese characters "差異" have almost the same meaning of "difference". The concept is everything has its own dignity; free style without restriction.  I really was happy to have a chance to see this weaving style.

I hope you will enjoy beautiful works.

The lady kindly allowed me to take video of how the saori-loom is used.
The picture below is one of her works displayed at the entrance.
Title of this work is "cherry blossom at night from Ichinosaka-river"

*For flower link*
The first arrangement was displayed at the city office when we went there to inquire about the income tax for next year (my late parents' house having been sold). 
Second one from early this month at the nearby park. Name unidentified p:-)

*For the critter and the bird link *
Black-faced bunting I found on the roadside to the nearby park.  
Not so clear pictures, two of them flew away before I take better ones :-) 
But I was happy to find this rare birdie for me♪

I really AM so sorry that I haven't been able to visit any friend!!!
I've been tied up with several personal matters. I will start visiting friends soon♡♡♡ 

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Wasn't white Cherry Blossom ;-)

As I didn't have time to create a new header, at first let me post pictures of the Japanese apricot flower with pink color from mid  Feb.this yearI missed to post them.  Sorry for not the cherry blossom ;-)

 *White Cherry Blossom or what *
Early this month, we found this white flower while driving. A man who looked like a farmer was working there.  I thought I haven't seen white version of cherry blossom. 
I couldn't help asking if these were the cherry trees or not p:-)
To my surprise, actually they are Plum Trees. My first capture of the flowers of plum ♪

*Blue Heron  form Koto-River*   

Having heavy rain, we will all miss the cherry flowers.
Such rain is called "花散らしの雨 Hana chirashi no ame".
It means "Cherry Blossom 'Flower' Scattering Rain"
I'll start visiting you soon!!!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Cherry Blossom from the City Park etc;

 *Cherry  Blossom 2017  from our City Park*
You all might know Japanese people adore cherry blossom. The delicate flower blooms only for a very short while. For us they represent the transience of life.  It seems that this particular characteristics ties in deeply with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, which says all life is suffering and transitory. We hold this Buddhist belief strongly and the transitory nature of life is very noble, not get too attached to a particular outcome or not become emotional because it will all pass in time.
We are not blessed with weather this year;  Yesterday (9th) they were  in full-bloom and we expect bad weather coming few days.  
            Pictures were taken under the cloudy and later drizzling weather.

Around 2 o'clock, still some were enjoying Vewing Blossom "Hanami・花見".
Blossom with Raindrops;

Went there again to enjoy Night View and Illumination.
This big one was illuminated at night, should have taken a video :-)

At the parking lot.

*Less than a week ago before  flowers blossoming*
On our way back from shopping, I found a little Bull-headed Shrike perching on the branch of the cherry tree.  And also an Osprey with Seagull along the river.

Sorry for my usual absence to you all!  I was a bit under par but getting better.  
I appreciate my husband's help and taking me places :-)    
               I DO hope you will start a wonderful new week.

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