Thursday, March 26, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 3)

      *Bridges and Birds at the back of the park on the Festival day*
Behind the building of the park, there is a wide greenery and lake in Ejio-park next city. After all the event was over around 4 pm, I strolled around the lake and sought for things I could take pictures for links :-)    (my 2 previous posts are about the festival.)

People were feeding for the carps, ducks were not close to them;
Name of this bridge,  'Bridge of the Adventure'

Some pictures of birdies I took in a hurry;  I kept my husband wait to go home  p:-)
Found a Meadow Bunting, Oh My! for the first time. Unfortunately so far away and not good picture. We call them 'Hoo-jiro, 頬白' which means 'cheek-white'

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So sorry for my absence to my dear friends.  I'll be able to visit you after I attend springtime Buddhist sermon tomorrow.  I had a slight cold (runny nose), hope you all are doing well at the turn of the season.  See you in your blog till next week♪

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 2)

*Conch Shell and Local Folk Tale*
In old days "conch shell" ‘which has a loud sound’ was used to make communication between far places or to avoid the beast in mountains etc,; for example used by Buddhist monk. Conch Shell is called ‘法螺貝; Hora-gai, hora-shell’ in Japanese. We call a person who ‘talk tall’ or exaggerate thing “hora-fuki; hora-blower”

      There was a "Picture-Story Show" at Camellia Festival.
I found many children enjoying hearing this story about a man who had a big mouth.  It seems this story is connected with call for water’
A man who was a good swimmer saw a BIG snake in the water but people thought it was a 'tall story'.  After persistent drought, the river dried up. Then the long bone and a human's were found in the river. When people knew it was the braggart 'hora-fuki', they called out his name. Suddenly the blessed rain started to fall.

I was happy to see children were enjoying this picture story in this day and age. I couldn't find the English version of this story from pc. So my writing is really simple and short(^^;)  I wish you could understand what I wrote and had fun with the pictures.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 1) ;

My husband's band group attended "Camellia Festival" held in the next city, this year again. There were some activities & events both inside and outside the park. We enjoyed varieties of dances from Many Dancing Groups.  

      *Some art works at the entrance of the room 
                     which varieties of camellias were  displayed*

      *My husband's band group and some dance performances*
Footage(hope the right word)is so bad again :-)
Very short video from the last part of the Japanese popular song.

There were many free market stand as well.

I LOVED to see this sweet girl and the dog♪

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We are having weather so called  '三寒四温; alternation of three cold and four warm days'. Bit hard season to control body temperature;   Take Care of Yourselves♪

Friday, March 20, 2015

Egrets and Ducks;

On our way back from usual grocery shopping the other day, I spotted these egrets and ducks looking friendly together♬♬♬

Bit blurry, but I loved their feathery head :-)

"Oh, you look like a swan, aren't you♪"
I was lucky to be able to take this acrobatic shot (^_^)
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I was out all day today, and tomorrow I'll be with my husband's band. Another festival they attend and play for the event.  Might be late for linking Eileen's meme. 
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Japanese Garden;

On a same day when I visited English Garden link last month, we also stopped by "Chofu-garden 長府庭園" in Shimonoseki-city. 
I didn't want to miss posting Tex's meme.  I'm happy if my pictures from this garden can brings you a bit of Japanese atmosphere.  Haha, visiting two places and could have enjoyed both western and eastern garden in one day;-)

I've chased this Brown-eared Bulbul, happy he perched the plum tree there.

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