Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Super moon and Harvest Moon etc;

      *This Year's Harvest Moon was 27th, and Super Moon (Full Moon) was 28th*

On 28th, after visited two hospitals (for my eye and skin) , I went to the city airport hoping to take Super Moon with airplane. Silly me forgot to charge battery of my camera...  I could use zoom of camera until moon showed up for three pictures below(^^;)   The collage at the airport above was taken by mobile-phone.  My bold  wish to capture the plane with moon background at the time of take-off and landing didn't come true p:-)  The moon of the first picture and third was taken after coming home.

The boy was with fence and I  hope you can see fence with guide light;

       *About Harvest Moon*
In 2013, I explained about Harvest Moon and Full Moon (Super Moon) with two posts link(here and this page) I was excited both day in that year happened to be on my birthday.  I'll skip the lengthy explanation here. Moon-viewing reminds me of moon rabbit and かぐや姫 "Princess Kaguya or The Moon Princess"  which I explained in the links.  
This is the 27th Moon.

I could take pictures of Egrets in the rice paddy before harvesting.  I took these pictures on my way home from first commodity shopping after released from hospital :-)

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ps,  I felt SO thankful for all the thoughtful comments I had for my previous post. I promise I will return all the sweet visits.  My vision after the surgery on my left eye got a bit distorted but it doesn't seem to be the serious problem. Hoping to get fixed with passing of time.  I've prepared the small things we return for the kind visits to the hospital ans so on.  Slowly but visiting you, please bear with me... :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm Back and Kind Thoughts;

   *Surgery for my left eye went well and I'm HOME today.*
Thank you SO much for your sweet comments and I really appreciate your concern♡♡♡  Surgery for 'Retinal Detachment' went smoothly and I was released from hospital today. Just lying down prone which requires for this disease was hard:-) I hurried to arrange this post to make it in time for Tex's link. So excuse me for very short writing.

*Birthday Sunrise*
First two pictures were the sunrise of my birthday on 19th. I hadn't slept well and I check the time in advance.  All these photos were taken from the hospital dinning hall.  The net you see in the pictures were for preventing birds to come.
        Day time pictures including sports day of the elementary school.

       Third Monday of Sep. is the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day.
       Special Dinner I wish to explain but sorry for no time to do it.

My husband kindly stopped our car when we left hospital today to take this picture hearing I missed the chance and just seeing it flying to "response to calls for service" from the dinning hall.

On our way home in the river along the hospital.
I found one blue heron 'my regular bird' p;-)  for Eileen's link

My Dear friend Joan sent me this beautiful card(˘˘)  She knew my address as I won her giveaway before here.  Thank you very much for your sweet thoughts, Joan.

Whew, my husband is worrying me using pc (eyes) right after I came home(^^;)  I'll visit you as soon as I can!  I wished to let my friends know I come home safely♬♬♬ 
My next post won't be so soon but see you in your blog posts♡♡♡

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Restaurant with Funny Name;

*Restaurant called "追いはぎ峠 oihagi-toge.  brigand bandit-mountain path*
              As for the old word brigand, I found these pages;  no.1  no.2.  Or just "bandit"
                  Considering Theresa's comment and advice, I'll change into "bandit" ;-)
We went this restaurant last autumn for dinner on our way home from somewhere p:-)
Picture above is from the homepage of this restaurant as I only have night shots.

Stone Stairs with decorated flowers and Ornament used Tire with flower inside.
Food we had "rice ball. udon-noodle. cooked chicken thigh with bone"
I asked to cut my rice ball in half, too much for tiny me p;)
The chicken thigh is called '山賊焼き sanzoku-yaki. brigand bandit-bake'
The name of this dish is derived from the way this chicken eaten wildly. And the origin of the name of this restaurant is actually there were brigands bandits in this mountain pass in the old days.

This old type agricultural machinery is called '唐箕. toumi'. Used to sort out hulled grains from dust. I happened to find this page introducing how this machinery is used and especially for soba. My husband was a little excited and read this page :-) Sorry it's Japanese page and hope it's ok to paste here.
As you can see flowers of Leopard plant (we eat its culm) blooming, it was autumn. 

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures Gifted by my husband's Friend (part 1)

Last month, I was with my husband helping him his band group's stage performance. Lady keyboard player who knew about my blog, kindly offered me plants pictures from her garden and sent them through sns called 'LINE'. Although they are not my pictures, I'm happy to be able to introduce them.

    *For Flower and Nature Links*
Aibika 花オクラ  "hana-okura. flower-okra"
This is the improved variety of okra to be edible.
These pictures below is from pc.  Normal okra we eat and my husband likes them.
I've never heard of this aibika and surprised to see them used for salad.

Foundation Stock or Original Species(?) of narcissus. She said not for sure.

Taiwan cactus

Mexican Fire Plant   "猩猩草 shoujyou-sou"

          *For Critter Links*
Golden-ringed dragonfly on the Garden Burnet

Three-layered crabs

   *For GoodFence and SkywatchFriday*
I took this picture last month. Summer clouds. 
And the two tiny spots in the rice paddy are the egrets :-)

This picture from archive is taken at the Shimonoseki Yamaguch-pref. 
connecting bridge of main land and kyushu.

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